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Photographing Art Work - Miami - Fort Lauderdale - Palm Beach

Art Reproduction Service - Photography of paintings, drawings, and 3D artworks

Artists need to bring artworks to the photographer's location to ensure the proper lighting and space requirements are being met. Artworks have to remain on-site for about 2 days until post-processing is complete.

A large sensor camera of 100 megapixels is used to obtain the maximum quality that allows for large printing and to ensure color accuracy. The process involves shooting in RAW format, which contains a broad spectrum of both color and detailed information. A color chart is used to create a custom color profile specific to the lighting and work. The file processing involves converting RAW files into TIFF and JPEGs with the custom profile already created. This way we ensure color accuracy and detail. 

As you can see in the two samples below, the left image is the full artwork and the right one is a detail at 100% magnification, 

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