By extension, architecture is a field of constant pursuit and wandering, a personal journey. That is because, through architecture, humanity expresses its vision, culture, and passions. Architecture involves a special kind of magic, as it tells the stories of the people that inhabit it.

Good architecture is an experience in itself. It inspires and enables dreams and allows inhabitants to evolve intellectually.

Then it is our job to capture the essence of the architectural design and its aesthetics.


ACH Digital is an architectural photography production company based in Miami / Fort Lauderdale.

Our clients include architectural firms, construction companies, 3D rendering studios, hoteliers and real estate developers. 

More than just photography services, we help clients plan their projects based on marketing objectives.

-Architectural photography and videography productions.


-Staging services.

-FAA 107 certified drone pilots.  Aerial helicopter photography capturing unique views from above. 

-Special aerial scouting and photography for property developers, commercial real estate, and 3d rendering studios. 

-Precision shoots according to stipulated coordinates and perspective views. Low helicopter hovering over water and inland. 

-B-Roll footage from helicopters and drones. High-resolution panoramas from helicopters and drones. 

-High-resolution videos with Gyrostabilizers and drones.   Cel: +1 786 597-6093

Architectural photographer in action

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Large sensor camera set up