Virtues of observation

Virtues of observation

Any human activity that requires the use of tools or machines needs the application of a methodology, which is part of a larger whole. When a certain methodology is applied, an end is pursued or, failing that, a path towards something that will become an end. However, this is not the most important factor in the development of knowledge, and knowledge does not exist without learning. The agent that occupies the pinnacle of the photographic experience in all its dimension is none other than the incessant need to observe what one has in front of oneself. The open air has offered, in this sense, incomparable lessons minute by minute since the world is world. Closely observing an open landscape with full lateral sun leads us to enjoy the elegance of long shadows, and to understand that the light that makes everything visible is a heritage of all living beings. That same landscape acquires a different atmosphere if a thin cloud crosses the path of the sun: the long shadows disappear to give way to a uniformly illuminated space where information can be read in areas previously obscured by intense shadows. Unlike the painter -who expresses only what he wants-, the photographer works with time on his back: everything must converge in unison. It is at the precise moment that he observes through the viewer when he establishes a complex network of associations, intentions and meanings that summarily define the scope or impact of his photography. Each image is a compendium of knowledge of their own experiences, and when it is a series or essay, each image is also a link of the meaning that pursues. The observation capacity inherent in the photographic act is, perhaps, one of the greatest contributions that this medium has given to the other currents of art and to individuals who, without necessarily practicing any of them, stop to detail the light that invades and occupies its environment. The sun is the great revealer of photographic truth. Thus, when you open your eyes every day, the movie of your continuous present begins to roll for you. It is like an illuminated present. Close observation is an exercise that is part of the fullness of life. In addition, it strengthens the memory and the cardinal location. When you know where the sun is, even if you do not see it, you know where to walk!

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