Aerial Drone and Helicopter Photography

DJI Phantom 4 Pro with HiRes Camera

Aerial Drone Photography is quickly being adopted as an essential component for real estate marketing across the world.

In ACH Digital Photography we are experts in flying and capturing astonishing aerial photography.

By using the latest DJI drones, we create stunning photos with beautiful sharp vibrant colors and no distortion.

This is especially ideal for waterfront properties, large estates, and unique geographic features. Top agents know that drone photos and videos make for amazing marketing content and featured images on listings, websites, and social media.

Robinson R22 Helicopter

Aerial Helicopter Photography one of our specialities in ACH Digital Photography. Covering large areas from above sometimes requires altitudes higher than the 400 ft a drone can legally fly.

Renting a small R22 helicopter is affordable and we can deliver quite a few shots in a 1 hour flight. South Florida is full of airfields and most of them have helicopter renting companies.

Employing the best professional grade digital cameras and lenses we capture beautiful sharp vibrant  images  for marketing and visual context appraisal of surrounding areas.

Aerial Drone Photography at 250ft. ACH Digital Photography
Aerial Drone Photography at 250ft. ACH Digital Photography

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