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Aerial Photography

Florida-based Helicopter Aerial Photographer

Located in Coral Springs, FL, ACH Digital Photography uses the most sophisticated equipment to bring your photography project to life. Hiring a helicopter photographer is a great option for projects that require larger aerial views than can be produced with a drone. Photographer Antonio Chagin works from a small R22 helicopter to capture high-quality, vibrant images of your property, real estate, hospitality space, or the site of your future project. Due to the increased altitude that a helicopter affords, as compared to a drone, ACH Digital Photography is capable of offering a wide range of image options in a short 1-hour flight. The helicopter photographer also captures much of the area surrounding your subject matter, providing visual context that might not otherwise be available through other photography methods. For your next Florida area building, hospitality, or design project, contact ACH Digital Photography to learn more about aerial photographer services and benefits.

Photographing large areas from above sometimes requires altitudes higher than the 400 ft a drone can legally fly.

Renting a small R22 helicopter is affordable and we can deliver quite a few shots in a 1-hour flight. South Florida is full of airfields and most of them have helicopter renting companies.​

Employing the best professional-grade digital cameras and lenses we capture beautiful sharp vibrant images for marketing and visual context appraisal of surrounding areas.