ACH Digital Photography is run by Antonio Chagin who has been a creative architectural photographer for more than 20 years, shooting anywhere in the world from ground level to aerials.


Taking advantage of the natural and artificial light to aesthetically photograph architecture and interior spaces. With the use of sophisticated equipment to capture the concept behind the obvious, the idea behind the beauty, in other words, the essence of your design! 


Antonio studied Photography at the San Francisco Art Institute and Multimedia Design at the University of British Columbia and is endlessly evolving in this competitive world.


Antonio’s clients include architectural firms, interior design studios, hoteliers, real estate developers, and advertising agencies. 


ACH Digital Photography is Miami / Fort Lauderdale based.


Architectural Photography,

Architects who need to showcase their work require high-quality professional photography.

Interior Designers use this highly technical photography for advertising, brochures, and websites.

Perfect architectural photography originates from - careful lens selection and angle for composition, - reordering of furniture in the space according to the chosen angle, - using different exposures without moving the camera, - lighting the space accordingly and - blending layers in Photoshop.

Aerial Drone Photography & Video, 

By using the latest DJI drones, we create stunning photos with beautiful sharp vibrant colors and no distortion.

This is especially ideal for waterfront properties, large estates, and unique geographic features. Top agents know that drone photos and videos make for amazing marketing content and featured images on listings, websites, and social media.


Aerial Helicopter Photography, 

Photographing large areas requires altitudes higher than the 400 ft a drone can legally fly. Renting a small R22 helicopter is affordable and we can deliver quite a few shots in a 1-hour flight. Employing the best professional-grade digital cameras and lenses we capture beautiful sharp vibrant images for marketing and visual context appraisal of surrounding areas.


Commercial Property Photography, 

Commercial Buildings, Health Centers, Restaurants, Shopping Malls, a huge variety that requires different approaches. It is here where the trained eye and experience associated are key to great images. Our scope goes from Production Arrangements, Equipment selection to Rentals. The Lighting, Staging, Composition, and Production Arrangements are vital in these cases.

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